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Aquarium Water Changes

If you want to keep a healthy aquarium, water changes are mandatory. Consistent, partial tank water changes let ward off disorders and keep your chemical harmony in check. Aquarium water changes are the best supplement to your filter to preserve the perfect water ecosystem for your fish.

How Much Water Should I Replace?
About 15 to 25% of your aquarium water need to be changed at each period after you get past the first cycling period. This is common for most fish tanks. Bigger fish tanks can withstand a smaller percentage change of 10 to 15%. This is since water changes take place slower in a larger tank. Aquarium water changes are suggested to be performed once week no matter the aquarium size. If you are having chemistry issues, you may want to do water changes more frequently than this. Water changes are the perfect way to easily minimize high chemical levels in your tank.

Replacement Water
Fish need very good water, not just any water. If you load your aquarium directly from your tap, you may induce a spike of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate. It’s perfect to fill containers with the fresh water, then address each container with a fish tank water conditioner. These conditioners get rid of chlorine, chloramine and ammonia, and convert nitrite and nitrate into a form that’s not damaging to fish and that the advantageous bacteria in the filter and tank can fade. Some conditioners also cleanse out heavy metals. Conditioners help defend your fish by increasing their slime coats. If you use bottled spring water or distilled water, add conditioner simply to be safe and sound.